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Terms and Conditions

By joining the Hooke Road Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you have read these policies, understood and agreed with them.

1. We will pay our affiliates every month. You don't have to reach a certain dollar amount before receiving payment.

2. We will pay you by Payoneer.

3. You will be credited a commission if a relative or friend purchases an item through your offer.

4. You will not be credited a commission if you purchases via your own affiliate link.

5. You will be credited commission for all recurring conversions after the initial order.

6. Affiliates may freely use any images from the Hooke Road website and create their own graphics and text materials to promote Hooke Road products.

7. Affiliates may not use "HookeRoad.com", "Hooke Road Official" "Hooke Road Official" "Hooke Road Coupon" "Hooke Road Coupon" or similar words in such a way that consumers may be mislead as to the ownership of UBOX & Hooke Road brand.